Iridex Group Plastic announces the construction of an integrated waste management center in Galati County

Iridex Group Plastic announces the signing of the contract for the construction of the Integrated Waste Management Center Valea Marului and Valea Marului sorting station, components of the project "Integrated waste management system in Galati County". The project will be carried out by the Galati County Council, and the completion period is estimated to be around 16 months.

The investment represents the design and construction of the sorting station and the warehouse within the Integrated Waste Management Center Valea Marului, Galati County. The size of the sorting station within the investment is 6000 tons/year or 19 tons/day and will serve to treat the recyclable waste collected separately (paper, cardboard, plastic and metal waste) and to store the glass waste that will be taken directly by the recyclers. The waste dump at the Marului Valley will serve all Galati County, except Galati Municipality. The area of the warehouse is 8.5 ha, and the total area for the entire period of operation is 15 ha with a stored volume of 1,000,000 mc. The solution of the design of the warehouse is given by the configuration of the natural land as well as for the reasons of limiting the volumes occupied by the perimetral levees.

The purpose of the investment is to recover recyclable materials such as paper, glass, plastic and metals with a high degree of cleanliness. The delivered waste will be collected from households, commercial companies that produce waste smithed municipal solid waste as well as commercial and industrial waste from companies. Moreover, at the local level, the standard of living will be raised both by creating new jobs and by upgrading infrastructure and attracting new investors. Another benefit of the project is given by the location outside the locality which eliminates unpleasant odors and determines the increase of the quality of life of the inhabitants.

By building the Integrated Waste Management Center in Galati County, Iridex Group Plastic,with over 25 years of expertise in waste management, will achieve its goal of encouraging pollution reduction by increasing the quality of the environment, protecting nature being one of the basic foundations of the company.