Project Proved

Priority Axis 1 – Research, technological development and innovation (RDI) in support of economic competitiveness and business development

Action 1.2.3 – Partnerships for knowledge transfer

Solutions and equipment for agriculture

Protective nets are made of high-density polyethylene and are used in applications such as protection against birds, weeds, tree protection or object protection.

Inoveco is a representative in Romania of the IRRIMEC/OTECH irrigation equipment production group.

Equipment for the sanitation activity

Inoveco has a complete portfolio of equipment for road maintenance in winter and summer.

We offer a wide range of waste containers: bins, containers, garbage cans.

Technologies and equipment for the environment

Specific basic competences for the field of environmental engineering: Composting.

Specific basic competences for the field of environmental engineering: Biodigestors.

Products for packaging and storage

Multiple uses from packaged fruits (apples, nuts, lemons, oranges, etc.), vegetables (onions, garlic, chives, etc.), toys, bottles, wood, casseroles, various containers, etc.

They are used for the packaging of finely processed metal parts, sanitary ware and glass, ceramic or porcelain objects.

Inoveco's box pallet boxes and europallets are modern and environmentally friendly solutions in modern logistics systems for transport and storage.