Geobrugg stabilization and protection solutions

In the November edition of APDP Magazine, an article on Geobrugg stabilization and protection solutions was published. Safety and Reliability is Geobrugg's motto in the solutions for stabilizing the slopes adjacent to the tunnels in the road and railway infrastructure. Due to the expansion of the infrastructure, more and more regions are being developed and connected to the existing communication ways.

Either because of the increasing volume of traffic, for reasons of protection against noise or to ease the load on the access roads, more and more railway and road tunnels are being built. This trend is also reinforced by the fact that new, more economical and efficient construction methods and materials have found their way into the construction of tunnels. In the same way, innovations outside tunnels or transport routes create new, efficient and sustainable opportunities. Stabilizing tunnel portals and adjacent slope cuttings is often a challenge. As the sustainability of construction measures is increasingly critical, ecological solutions are required for such works.

Safety, economic efficiency and durability: the solutions for the active stabilization of the slopes of the anchored nets type are fixed to the rock, with anchorages and anchorage plates. They are adapted to the parameters of high-strength wire meshes to form an integral system. The solution is almost invisible, stabilizes the slope and, at the same time, facilitates the sustainable regeneration of vegetation.

Guaranteed by Swiss specialists, developed in partnership with the academic environment and approved by independent government institutes according to the European norm EOTA, GEOBRUGG AG's products and stabilization systems, available in the INOVECOportfolio, have proven their efficiency over time by excelling in several main areas of applicability.