Irrigation solutions and equipment from INOVECO

INOVECO, a Romanian company with tradition in the field of environmental protection, supports farmers in Romania with the most efficient irrigation systems on the market.

We are representatives in Romania for renowned manufacturers of irrigation equipment:

  • IRRIMEC (drum and hose systems and motor pumps);
  • OTECH (linear systems and pivots)
  • SCARABELLI (drip installations).

Our team of specialists also provides support for the design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems. Depending on the available water sources and flow rates, the client is told which valve can be irrigated from each source, and taking into account the type of crop with its specific needs and the properties of the irrigation water, the most suitable equipment/models will be recommended.

What does our portfolio include?

Irrigation equipment sales

  • Drum and hose systems;
  • Linear systems;
  • Pivots;
  • Motor pumps;
  • Drip irrigation systems;
  • Lagoons for water storage;
  • Floating pumping stations;
  • Electric pump sets;
  • Irrigation pipe;
  • Accessories.

Design, execution and installation services

  • Design and sizing for complete irrigation systems;
  • Execution of works for irrigation systems:
    • Welding pipe;
    • Assembly of pumping groups;
    • Equipment assembly.

Drum and hose systems for irrigation

They are mobile installations, on a chassis or trolley, that can be moved along the crops as needed. We have a wide range of structure sizes in our portfolio that can adapt to any type of terrain.

Linear and pivot systems

They are large-scale systems designed to automate watering application, with high yield and uniformity, offsetting the costs of purchase, use and maintenance.

Motor pumps for irrigation

We offer stand-alone motor pumps of various capacities, designed to operate in conjunction with drum and hose systems, pivots, front-mounted booms and fixed watering installations.

Drip irrigation systems

Provides water for vegetable crops, vineyards and orchards. Drip irrigation systems are also suitable for large crops. They work by dripping a small amount of water directly onto the root of the plant in a short period of time.

Floating pumping stations

Design, execution and installation of floating pumping stations for irrigation and water supply. They are equipped with high density polyethylene floats.

Lagoons for water storage

The waterproofing of water catchment basins for irrigation is done with geomembranes. The accumulated water is used during droughts to irrigate crops.

Advantages of working with INOVECO

  • Free technical assistance for equipment selection
  • Easy-to-maintain, reliable and long-life equipment
  • Installation, commissioning and service in the shortest possible time.