Tensar systems for support structures and bridge aisles

In the November edition of the Construction Magazine, an article about Tensar systems was published. They have a worldwide proven reputation for quality in the construction of support structures and bridge culverts, with savings of up to 50% compared to traditional reinforced concrete solutions. 

Inoveco together with its partner TENSAR offers you a wide variety of economical and attractive solutions (Tensar systems) for support structures. There are several variable parameters that need to be taken into account before making the decision about the appropriate system that meets the needs of your project. The right choice for each project may depend on:

  • aesthetic aspects;
  • durability (service life);
  • space available for construction (façade angle);
  • geotechnical considerations (type of land);
  • limitation to a certain budget.

Whatever the characteristics of the project, contact us with confidence because we can offer you a Tensar support structure that will adapt to all your requirements.

Currently, at the local level, traditional systems for major civil projects are extremely expensive due to the need to install cranes in the case of panels or to use a quality but much more expensive filler.

By contrast, the TW1 system is raised manually, but it is much more cost-effective than traditional systems. Also, a lower-quality filling material is enough, which is more easily available and less expensive. Other advantages of the system: tolerance to diphentiate subside; optimizing the use of available space; very good resistance to earthquake loads; the possibility of using local granular or recycled materials; low pressure on the support; requires little or no maintenance; offers significant reductions in carbon emissions during execution, compared to traditional structures.

The full article is available in the Construction Magazine here.