Energy generation plants using biogas, at industrial level

This type of installation is intended to convert into electric and thermal energy the biogas produced by anaerobic fermentation of a very large amount of biomass. Biomass used as input material can be: sludge from sewage treatment plants, manure, grain crops and energy plants, domestic organic waste. The energy produced by such installations starts at the value of 0.25 MWh of electricity and 0.29 MWh of thermal energy and can reach values at any high value.

The size of a biogas production plant from such sources depends on the availability of biomass existing around the plant and the thermal energy requirements in the area. Industrial biogas production plants produce, in addition to energy and organic fertilizers (in liquid and solid form) that can be harnessed in agriculture.

Industrial biogas production plants are fully automated and are very easy to operate and maintain. They are a viable solution for the disposal of sludge from wastewater treatment plants, organic waste from the food industry and domestic organic waste or manure.