Products and services

metallic garments 1

Laser debt

We offer quality services in laser cutting of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum.


Metallic fabrics

The metal fabrications and mechanical processing department is located inside the Inoveco headquarters. Both sections are located inside a hall with a built area of 2,211.30 sqm.


Waterproofing materials

Additives for concrete, polypropylene and cellulose fibres, mortars for structural repairs, materials for sub-turns and anchorages, mortars for waterproofing, etc.

Geosynthetic materials

Polymeric materials with flat structure, used together with earths or other materials in the field of construction.



Inoveco carries out as its main activity, the production of concrete additives under the license of FOSROC Ltd. England, known on the world market as CONPLAST.

rock falls

Protections against rock falls

Protection against rock falls and prevention of natural hazards are essential elements for the safety and security of roads, railways, mining operations and infrastructure networks.


Construction nets

Nets for use in construction, such as scaffolding protection nets, fittings, cable and pipe warning

Products for agriculture

Protective nets are made of high-density polyethylene and are used in applications such as protection against birds, weeds, tree protection or object protection.


The products we sell have a very wide range of use, from packaging vegetables and fruits to packing toys, gifts, balls, cosmetics.


Waste containers

We offer a wide range of waste containers: bins, containers, garbage cans.



Inoveco is a representative in Romania of the IRRIMEC/OTECH irrigation equipment production group.

road maintenance

Road maintenance

Inoveco performs in Romania mechanized operations of snow removal and spreading anti-skid material with specialized vehicles.


Aerobic Digestion Systems (Composting)

Specific basic competences for the field of environmental engineering: Composting.


Anaerobic digestion systems (biodigestors)

Specific basic competences for the field of environmental engineering: Biodigestors.



Infrastructure projects

In the field of water-sewerage works, Inoveco has experience in developing treatment plants for domestic water, wastewater treatment plants, as well as water supply and sewerage systems.


Civil and industrial construction projects

Starting with the resistance structure, closures and partitions, utilities and up to the interior and exterior finishes, Inoveco prides itself on civil construction works where quality materials, technologies used as well as qualified personnel make the difference.