Construction works sewerage system within the project "Centralized sewerage system in Toporu village, Toporu commune, Giurgiu county"

Currently, in the municipality of Toporu there is a centralized system of drinking water distribution, which serves the inhabitants of the villages of Toporu and Tomulesti. The works that are the subject of this investment will ensure the realization of sewerage networks and sewage treatment plant, for 969 inhabitants of the village of Toporu. The networks designed, as well as the capacity of the treatment plant will give the possibility of expansion in the future on all streets of The village of Toporu. Analyzing the situation in the field and the relief of the area was adopted the solution of parceling and gravity transport in the village of Toporu.

For the centralized sewerage system of the village of Toporu, the following works are necessary:

  1. Household sewerage networks: the collection and transport of domestic waste water will be carried out gravitationally through the sewerage network. They will be located on the village's traffic arteries. The networks will be made of SN4 multilayer PVC pipe, with diameter Dn 250 mm, in length of 7175 m, which will comprise 14 streets. On the county road DJ 506A, the sewer pipes will be placed between the mooring and the street channel on one side of it. On the route of the sewerage networks were provided manholes made of prefabricated tubes, located at distances of up to 60 m in a straight line and at changes of direction where appropriate. On the county road DJ 506A were provided 5 sub-crossings by horizontal drilling for pvc pipe Dn250 mm, protected in protective tube from PEHD of Dn 400 mm.
  1. Power supply for pumping stations: Pumping stations will be supplied with electricity from the National Energy, from nearby low voltage poles. Pumping stations are equipped with their own general power supply table, which can be mounted both indoors and outdoors, on its own support near the electric pole from which the power supply is made, equipped with a locking safety system. The stations are automated, starting and stopping them is done automatically depending on the level of waste water.
  1. Enclosure for pumping stations: will be done for each pumping station and will be of the type of panel of galvanized galvanized mesh, mounted on poles of galvanized pipe, mounted in concrete insulated foundations. The passenger access gate will have a width of 1 m and will have a horizontal zavor locking system.
  1. Releasing pipes: The refure pipes at the 3 stations will have a total length of L=1777 m and will be mounted in the same ditch as the gravitational pipes, at freezing depth. On these condcutes were provided cleaning fireplaces, provided with cleaning parts sic apace of composite material. The discharge pipes will be protected in the protective tube and will be mounted at a burial depth of at least 1.50 m from the share of the natural land.
  1. Side connections: perpendicular to the sewer networks, individual connections of multilayerED PVC tubes Dn 160 mm with record-breaking homes will be made. Record cams are provided with a composite road cover, located in the green area (trotuary) at the property boundary. On the county road DJ 506A were provided side connections in length of L=11 m, executed by horizontal drilling, protected in protective tube, for the collection of waste water from households located on the opposite side with sewerage networks, for the protection of the road system. The connections will be made by connecting directly to the street collectors, without a manhole.
  1. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: has in its component the following:
  • Homogenization-storage basin and automatic wastewater pumping station;
  • Technological mode of equipment;
  • Modular mechanical-biological purification system;
  • Measuring and control instruments;
  • Command and automation mode.