Operational processes and systems for the treatment and material and energetic valorization of waste

Project code: P_40_301, SMIS code: 105707

Project title: Processes and operational systems for material and energy treatment and valorization of waste / PROVED

Priority Axis 1 – Research, technological development and innovation (RDI) in support of economic competitiveness and business development

Action 1.2.3 – Partnerships for knowledge transfer

The aim of the PROVED project

The PROVED project aims to increase the transfer of knowledge, technology and personnel with RDI skills between the public and private sectors. The project encourages the interaction between UPB and the business environment; Inoveco is one of the collaborating enterprises, subcontractor of this project. Inoveco has been involved in this partnership with the aim of obtaining knowledge, including skills and competences that will meet the strategic needs of the enterprise's development, to develop innovative solutions for obtaining products and processes, new / improved technologies required by the market, in the field of composting.

The activities financed within the project are:

  • transfer of research and development skills/competences and innovation support, including contractual research executed at the request of the enterprise (R&D activities offered by UPB);
  • research and development carried out in effective collaboration upb – Inoveco.

General objective of the PROVED project

The general objective of the project"Processes and operational systems for the treatment and material and energy valorization of wastePROVED" consists in increasing the transfer of knowledge, technology and personnel with RDI competences between the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and the private environment by achieving an eco-technology for energy recovery of municipal waste and obtaining a Fuel Derived from Waste (CDD), of a technology for the production of a gas with superior combustible properties (biogas), of an innovative technology of waste management and tracking with the measurement of complex effects (social, environmental and economic) as well as of an advanced system of depollution of the leachate resulting from landfills.

Specific objectives

The project has the following specific objectives of financing research activities in effective, industrial and experimental collaboration:

  • financing the access of the enterprises to the expertise and facilities of the UPB research organization in order to market the research results to the partner SMEs that develop the business required by the market, offering innovative solutions for obtaining products and processes as well as eco-technologies
  • choosing the optimal solution for pre-treatment of municipal waste based on the results of experimental research conducted by the research organization
  • obtaining materially recoverable by-products resulting from biological waste treatment processes and their preparation by composting, for use in agriculture, parks and gardens, as a natural fertilizer:
  • industrial research on composting technologies using various types of technological processes and equipment, in different combinations of recipes. The research will be carried out at the Chiajna landfill, in 4 paddocks, as well as eventually in other possible locations;
  • analysis of existing standards at national and international level and proposals for standards regarding the categories of compost;
  • optimization of composting recipes for different technological processes of composting and equipment in order to obtain different qualities of compost;
  • acquisition of composting equipment for industrial research;
  • experimental activities for optimizing composting recipes for different technological composting processes and equipment in order to obtain different composting qualities.

The implementation period of the PROVED Project for Inoveco: 05.04.2018- 07.09.2021.

 Public Procurement Programme 2018-2021 

No. Crt.NameCPV codeEstimated value with VAT EuroEstimated value excluding VAT EuroEstimated value without VAT LeiEstimated value with VAT LeiProcedure for the award of the contractEstimated date for the start of the procedureEstimated date for completion of the procurement procedure.
 TOTAL 223,466.53187,787.00873,210.001,039,119.90   
 20.01 GOODS AND SERVICES 223,466.53187,787.00873,210.001,039,119.90   
1 Mobile composting unit45232422-633,677.0028,300.00131,595.00156,598.05Direct purchase06.201807.2018
2Command and control units42961000-067,592.0056,800.00264,120.00314,302.80Simplified procedure10.201812/2018
3 Rotating sieve30132000-350,813.0042,700.00198,555.00236,280.45Simplified procedure01.201903.2019
4Tarpaulins with semi-permeable membranes39563500-152,360.0044,000.00204,600.00243,474.00Simplified procedure09.201803.2019
5Laboratory equipment – System for determining bacterial respiration in soils (including incubator)38000000-59,044.007,600.0035,340.0042,054.60Direct purchase02.201903.2019
6Compost analysis services (Inoveco)71900000-79,980.538,387.0039,000.0046,410.00Direct purchase10.201808.2021
 Acquisitions financed from general administrative expenses (CGA) 
720.01 GOODS AND SERVICES 19,516.0016,400.0076,260.0090,749.40   
8Consumable sieve sieve45252123-6476.00400.001,860.002,213.40Direct purchase05.201908.2021
9Consumables – T and O2 sensors38300000-819,040.0016,000.0074,400.0088,536.00Direct purchase05.202008.2021

The acquisitions are to be carried out through competitive procedures approved by Law 98/2016 updated, as well as by Order 1284/2016, dedicated to enterprises that have obtained co-financing for expenses, from the POC budget, more than 50%.

Inoveco Events - Project PROVED

  • The meeting of UPB – Inoveco for the launch of the project took place on 09.05.2018, when the signed type C and D contracts were handed over and the collaboration frame was established.
  • Establishment of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), which became active starting with 01.01.2018
  • The Inoveco team presented the PROVED project at the meeting "Be active! Collect selectively!" Galati from 14.06.2018.
  • Official launch of the project PROVED – 26.07.2018, at the RECTORATE OF UPB, Senate Hall, by UPB, Inoveco and ECO Bihor Oradea (Read HERE)
  • Public consultation of the Romanian actors in the field of composting, within the workshop"Bio-waste in the circular economy"– 21.11.2018, the headquarters of the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest 
  • Presentation of the first results of the composting experiment at SEAU Galati, carried out by Inoveco within the PROVED project, at the meeting with representatives of the Ecoaqua Intercommunity Development Association (consisting of 38 administrative-territorial units from Calarasi and Ialomita counties) and with the management of the public operator ECOAQUA S.A., the water supply service provider, on the occasion of the World Water Day – Calarasi, 22 March 2019 
  • Participation in the conference and workshop "Application of the circular economy in the water sector", under the aegis of the Institute for Research in Circular Economy and Environment "Ernest Lupan" – IRCEM and the Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with the Department for Sustainable Development of the Romanian Government, and the presentation of the results from SEAU Galati – Ovidius University, Constanta, April 19, 2019

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