Inoveco project: CMID Roesti, jud. V

On Wednesday, September 8, 2021, took place the opening conference of the investment objective "Design and execution of works for the Integrated Waste Management Center in Roesti commune", part of the project "Phasing of the integrated solid waste management system project in Valcea County", implemented by the Valcea County Council through the Large Infrastructure Operational Program.

The meeting, attended by the management of CJ Valcea, the representatives of INOVECO, but also the mayors of the area, took place in Roesti commune, in the location area of the future investment.

Technical information about the project

The investment represents the last part, of a large-scale project, for which the Valcea County Council obtained a European financing of about. 30 million euros (without VAT).

The investment is made up of three main components that give the name of this project: the Integrated Waste Management Center (CMID) from Roesti commune, Valcea County, and these are:

  • Ecological warehouse according to which will have a capacity of 265,000 cubic meters;
  • Sorting station: 10.180 to/year/exchange;
  • Mechanobiological treatment plant: 34.070 to/year/exchange.

The duration of the contract is 18 months, representing 6 months design and 12 months execution of works.

The type of contract is of design and execution: the landfill, of the sorting installations, as well as of the mechanobiological treatment, of endowment with the right equipment, with appropriate performances, which ensure the achievement of the global performances requested by the Contracting Authority for the following objects:

  • sorting station;
  • mechanical-biological treatment plant;
  • landfill;
  • water management;
  • water supply networks in the premises;
  • leached sewerage networks and wastewater in the premises;
  • leachate treatment plant;
  • electricity supply networks including grid connection;
  • installations of weak currents;
  • connection to utilities (electricity, etc.) from external sources;
  • construction of transfer roads;
  • irrigation system;
  • any other works necessary to achieve CMID Roesti fully operational.

The goal of the CMID Roesti project

The purpose of the execution of the compliant landfill for waste is to ensure the safe disposal for the environment and the health of the population of the refusal from the sorting station, of the product similar to the compost obtained from the biological treatment of biodegradable waste and of the refusal from mechanical treatment.

The sorting station, which will have a capacity of 10,180/ to/year, will ensure the conditions for sorting the recyclable waste from separate collection and will contribute to achieving the recycling targets and those regarding the reduction of the quantity of waste deposited.

The mechanical-biological treatment plant (TMB) will contribute to achieving the targets by reducing the amount of waste and the biodegradable fraction stored in the compliant landfill. Also, the execution of the TMB station will contribute to the protection of the environment and the improvement of the soil quality by using the product similar to compost as a coating or as a vegetal layer in green spaces or on degraded lands, but also of the compost obtained from the treatment of green waste and biodeses separately collected as natural fertilizer in agriculture.

The waste to be received within CMID Roesti for sorting, mechanical-biological treatment and / or composting will be collected from:

  • households;
  • commercial companies that produce waste similar to municipal solid waste;
  • commercial and industrial waste from companies;
  • green waste from parks and gardens collected separately.

The works that are the object of this contract are included in the project"Integrated Solid Waste Management System in Valcea County",a project implemented through European funding within the phase 2 POIM 2014 – 2020.

By implementing the present contract, the necessary investments of the"Integrated Solid Waste Management System" will be made in Valcea County, without which the targets stipulated in the national and European legislation cannot be achieved.