INOVECO helps you properly manage the manure on your farm.

INOVECO is a reliable partner of all farmers in Romania. We support the implementation of the Smart Agriculture concept and the introduction of waste resulting from agriculture and manure from livestock farms in the natural circuit of the Circular Economy through modern composting technologies.

What are the most common problems faced by livestock farms?
  • Improper management of large quantities of manure from livestock farms can have a harmful effect on the environment.
  • Manure discharges from livestock farms into water sources could lead to contamination of drinking water, an extremely serious aspect given that a large part of the Romanian population still uses water from wells for drinking.
  • Unpleasant odors from manure.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the decomposition process of manure that is not stored in a controlled environment.
What can we do for you?

Composting is a modern solution to ensure the correct management of solid and semi-solid manure. At the same time, the resulting compost is a natural fertilizer, which can also reduce the expenses of fertilizers needed for agricultural crops.

We can show you how simple is the process of turning manure into fertilizer by using GORE® Cover composting technology, a system that is affordable and has low operating costs.

How does the semi-permanent membrane composting system work?

One of the most advanced and efficient solutions for composting manure from livestock farms is the treatment by aerobic digestion in closed installations with positive forced aeration system and tarpaulin with semipermeable membrane membrane from ePTFE – GORE® Cover.

Fig. 1: Pile of compost mobile unit
Fig. 2: Mobile compost unit pile with ePTFE membrane

You can compost different types of waste using this technology:

  • Manure from livestock farms;
  • Green waste from gardens, meadows, orchards;
  • Separately collected organic waste;
  • Wet fraction of municipal solid waste;
  • Sludge from wastewater treatment plants.
What benefits do you have using semipermeable membrane technology?
  • Reducing odour emissions by over 97%;
  • The composting system is very easily scalable;
  • Composting throughout the year (365 days/year);
  • Higher treatment capacity on restricted space with human involvement and minimal energy consumption;
  • Safe elimination of pathogens;
  • Getting a high quality compost quickly;
  • Considerably reduced investment and operating costs compared to other composting systems.
About us

INOVECO is a company founded in 1993 that offers a wide range of innovative products and services, along with well-trained people and a high-performance management. We are permanently involved in protecting the environment, contributing with professionalism and good faith to the sustainable development of society.

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