INOVECO announces the reception of the works for the closure of the non-compliant warehouse Tecuci

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, the reception of the works on the investment objective took place: "Closure of non-compliant landfill Tecuci" component of the project "Integrated Waste Management System in Galati County". The meeting was attended by representatives of the beneficiary and representatives of INOVECO, the company that was in charge of the execution of this project. 

The main source of pollution in the Tecuci area was the non-compliant landfill at Rates, which emits biogas, emissions and bad smells. Following INOVECO's work to close the non-compliant landfill, the landfill has been made green and waterproof, in compliance with all environmental legislation imposed by the European Union.

The positive impact on the community is represented by the elimination of unpleasant odours and implicitly the improvement of the air quality in Tecuci, but also in the surrounding areas. Also, by waterproofing the landfill, the risk of groundwater pollution in the area has been eliminated.

Pictures BEFORE closing non-compliant warehouse Tecuci, Galati county

Pictures AFTER closing the warehouse
non-compliant Tecuci, Galati county

By closing the non-compliant waste landfill in Tecuci, Galati county, INOVECO SRL, with 30 years of expertise in waste management, has once again achieved its goal of encouraging pollution reduction by increasing the quality of the environment, protecting nature being one of the basic foundations of the company.

The overall objective of the project was to build the waste infrastructure in Galati county, so that the newly created system would ensure the fulfilment of all legislative requirements with minimum impact on the environment and health of the population.

The scope of the Contract was therefore the design and execution of the closure of the non-compliant Rates - Tecuci, class b landfill, which ceased activity in July 2017, according to the provisions of HG 349/2005 on waste disposal.

The investment was represented by European funds worth more than 5 million euros.

The beneficiary of this project was the Galati Administrative Territorial Unit through Galati County Council, and the developer of the technical execution project, including the execution details was ISPE PROIECTARE and CONSULTANTA S.A. The contractor who executed all the works within the investment objective "Closure of non-compliant warehouse Tecuci" was SC INOVECO SRL.

The non-compliant household waste landfill of the municipality of Tecuci had an area of 169.432 sqm and all the projected works, relocation and closure in situ of the household waste landfill were carried out as follows:

  • S1 = 105,000 sqm - represented the area on which the relocation and closure of all the waste on the site was carried out;
  • S2 = 60,000 sqm - represented the area that was greened, the waste on this area was removed and deposited in the body of the closure, inside the S1 area;
  • S3 = 4.432 sqm - represented an area resulting from the cadastral changes and which was not subject to any building operation, this being a neutral area, but which for technical reasons remained in the area allocated to the warehouse.

The execution works were carried out in the following sequence:

  • Carrying out the excavation of waste, outside the contour of the final closure, by pushing it onto the site or by excavating and transporting it, while clearing and cleaning the land outside the project boundary, according to the layout plan;
  • Transfer and redevelopment of the waste mass, from outside the final closure contour, to the slopes and elevations in the project;
  • Creation of the support layer as well as the waterproofing and final closure system of the non-compliant landfill;
  • Landscaping, consisting of grassing the final cover layer;
  • Implementation of the system for the capture, transport and neutralization of landfill gas;
  • Implementation of the surface rainwater collection, transport and disposal system;
  • Implementation of the leachate management system during the works;
  • The realization of interior technological platforms, perimeter of the landfill, on the berm and access on the landfill cover for monitoring the location of the closed household waste landfill;
  • Implementation of the post-closure monitoring system of the landfill, consisting of groundwater quality monitoring wells, landfill body settling monitoring markers and landfill gas monitoring system;
  • Implementation of the warehouse flood protection system;
  • Implementation of the protection system for the enclosure of the closed household waste landfill on the property boundary;
  • Implementation of the electricity supply system in the controlled gas combustion area.

INOVECO is a 100% Romanian company, with 30 years of experience in efficient municipal and hazardous waste management. We have a varied portfolio of innovative solutions and technologies for environmental protection.

We execute large infrastructure projects, integrated municipal and hazardous waste management centres, closure of non-compliant landfills and special construction works. We have qualified staff, modern construction equipment and use environmentally friendly building materials.

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