Forum of Entrepreneurs in Agriculture

With the easing of restrictions, more and more events began to be organized in hybrid format. On March 24, 2022, organized the second edition of the "Forum of Entrepreneurs in the Agricultural Industry".

It was a dynamic event, extremely interesting, which brought together many experts in the field of agriculture in Romania. The purpose of this forum was to present efficient and modern solutions that would determine the development of farmers and agricultural activities.

INOVECO was one of the partners who facilitated the organization of this event, represented by our colleague, Ing. Ioan Cornel Hentiu, Deputy Director of the Department of Technologies and Equipment for Agriculture and Environment. The presentation held at the forum had as topic the presentation of modern solutions in agriculture for irrigation and valorization of organic waste through composting.

Modern solutions for agriculture

"The solution that we come up with to support farmers is the semi-permeable membrane composting technology - Gore Cover. The advantages of this technology are multiple. In addition to being an automated and controlled process, it has extraordinary results in terms of the transformation of organic materials and the production of humic acids in organic mass. The treatment process is completely encapsulated and the problem of odours and emissions is minimised. In terms of composting speed, the process takes between 42 and 56 days, making it a very fast process. The advantages are obvious in terms of improving the quality of the soil by adding compost or, even further, turning compost into fertiliser by adding other substances." (Eng. Ioan Corneliu Hentiu)

INOVECO is a founding member of the Romanian Compost Association. In partnership with the Polytechnic University, we have developed a research and development project called PROVED, funded by European funds. It aims at implementing composting technologies and their positive impact on various types of soils and crops.


Some of the topics addressed in the Forum of Entrepreneurs in the Agricultural Industry:

  • Valeriu Tabara, President of A.S.A.S (Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences) drew attention to climate change and its impact on agriculture. "70% of romania's territory is affected, in 8 out of 10 years, by drought phenomena".
  • Daniel-Eugeniu Crunteanu, Deputy Director General of AFIR (Agency for Financing Rural Investments) discussed the EAFRD funds (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development) and the EURI (European Union Recovery Instrument) funds. "We are talking about amounts of over 8.4 billion euros, which means a degree of absorption of over 89%".
  •  Razvan Ghenu, Digital Business Advisor at ARGGO, discussed the need to implement the Agriculture 4.0 concept. "Through the Farm to Fork strategy, the EU has asked member states to reduce arable land by 4% in order to be more environmentally friendly. Technology can intervene here and provide some help for this problem through Agriculture 4.0".

The conclusions of the discussions within the forum were described in detail in an article published on the website that you can read in full here.