INOVECO experience at POLI EnergyFEST 2023

Last week, from 9 to 11 March 2023, the INOVECO team participated as an exhibitor in POLI EnergyFEST - an event dedicated to the energy of the future, organized by the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

About POLI EnergyFEST

EnergyFEST, now in its first edition, was aimed at energy professionals, future engineers - students and students, and the general public. For 3 days, participants had access to the latest green energy and sustainability technologies.

In addition, the event hosted a series of workshops, thematic conferences of public interest and company presentations, giving participants the opportunity to actively participate in networking sessions with experts in the energy industry.

What kind of technologies were presented at the event?

Energy industry specialists presented a wide range of solutions about:

  • Installations for electricity generation - conventional power plants (thermoelectric, hydroelectric and nuclear);
  • Power plants based on renewable energy sources (photovoltaic, wind, micro-hydro, marine farms);
  • Energy transmission, distribution and storage systems;
  • Waste recycling facilities;
  • Wind turbines;
  • Water treatment plants;
  • Digitisation of the energy sector.

INOVECO stand at POLI EnergyFEST 2023

We thank the organizers and also our long-term partners from the Polytechnic University for this commendable initiative to organize an event dedicated to green energy and sustainability. We are honoured for the opportunity to have been present at the first edition of POLI EnergyFEST and we will certainly participate in future editions.

INOVECO team at the stand with Mrs. Diana Robescu, Dean of the Faculty of Energetics of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest

What technologies did our colleagues present at the stand?

The INOVECO team was successfully represented by our energy specialists Razvan Popa and Manuel Ioanitescu. We had the pleasure to meet at the booth with many representatives from the field, including Mrs. Diana Robescu, Dean of the Faculty of Energetics of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

I was pleasantly impressed by the active interest of the students in discovering new information in the energy sector and in particular by the technologies presented at the INOVECO stand.

Biogas cogeneration plant with Swiss know-how from Hofstetter Gastechnik
Biodegradable waste recovery plant using GORE® Cover semi-permeable membrane technology
  1. Biodegradable waste recovery technology with semi-permeable membrane and positive forced aeration, GORE® Cover - more details here:


  2. Biogas combustion and cogeneration plants with Swiss know-how from Hofstetter Gastechnik - more details here:


  3. Fixed and mobile metal structures for photovoltaic panel systems - we have a system already working at INOVECO's headquarters in Voluntari, which can be viewed at any time to better understand how a photovoltaic panel system works.

Who were the participants at EnergyFEST?

INOVECO participated as an exhibitor alongside other energy industry professionals, including energy producers, grid operators, energy suppliers, energy equipment and systems manufacturers, educational and regulatory institutions and authorities. Together, we have sought to bring to the public's attention a range of energy solutions and innovations that can directly and positively impact our quality of life.

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