INOVECO experience at INDAGRA 2023 exhibition

INOVECO team participated this year at INDAGRA, the most important agricultural event in Romania. The fair was organized as in previous years at Romexpo Bucharest, between 25-29 October 2023. It was a good opportunity to meet again with some of our current partners and customers, but also to lay the foundations of successful partnerships for the future.

INOVECO stand at INDAGRA 2023

This year we came to INDAGRA ready with a full range of modern solutions for agriculture. For 5 days, we were present at booth no. 26 and we had the pleasure to talk to many Romanian farmers, who requested information about our products and technologies for agriculture and environment.


  • Protective sleeves;
  • Agricultural safety nets;
  • Commercial packaging nets;


  • Complete solutions and equipment for irrigation;
  • Plastic boxes for storage and transport;
  • Composting technologies for organic waste.

INOVECO solutions for agriculture

If you need an irrigation system to support field crops during prolonged periods of drought, we have the best irrigation equipment on the market from our trusted partners Irrimec and Otech.

If you want to protect your fruit trees against rodents or your crops in the garden against the strong sun, We produce at our headquarters in Voluntari all kinds of nets for agricultural usein different colors and sizes, customized according to the needs of each customer.

If you want an innovative and easy to implement solution to recover biodegradable waste from your farm, we have in our portfolio GORE® Cover composting technologytechnology, an affordable system with low operating costs.


Online shop INOVECOMAG

Products from the INOVECO portfolio can be purchased directly from our online shop. Protective nets are made of high-density polyethylene and are used in applications such as protection against birds, weeds, protection of trees or protection of objects.

  • Protection nets for trees and vines;
  • Fences and nets for household use;
  • Tubular nets for flower bulbs;
  • Anti-cartite nets;
  • Poultry nets;
  • Soil stabilisation nets;
  • Anti-burden agrotextiles;
  • Membranes for straw protection;
  • Hail nets;
  • Microporous agril membranes;
  • Antipasari nets;
  • Anti-root membranes;
  • Shade nets for greenhouses and solariums;
  • Insect netting.


INOVECO has been a reliable partner for farmers in Romania for 30 years. As a manufacturer, importer and distributor, we have a complete portfolio of modern solutions for agriculture. We produce all kinds of nets for agricultural use at our headquarters in Voluntari. For drought periods, we have a wide range of high quality irrigation equipment imported from Italian manufacturers.

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