INOVECO experience at the AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec 2022 exhibition

After two years of pandemic and social distancing, last week we were happy to see you healthy again at AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec 2022. As in previous years, agricultural professionals met in Fundulea, Calarasi County. On an area of over 36 ha, a field exhibition was organized with demonstration lots and demonstrations with agricultural machines.

"Out of passion for agriculture" is the motto under which AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec successfully brings together everything that is most important in romanian agriculture since the spring of 2011.

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INOVECO stand at AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec

As in previous editions, the INOVECO team came to the fair with a complete portfolio of innovative solutions for agriculture. The main attractions were the equipment for irrigation. Our colleagues have provided detailed information about the ways of their operation, installation and use.

What other solutions were presented at the INOVECO stand besides the irrigation systems? A wide range of agrotextiles, protective nets, europallets and plastic pallet boxes, as ideal packaging for seasonal crops, along with nets for packing vegetables and fruits. 

In addition, there have been presented successful case studies in Romania about the waterproofing of irrigation channels and water tanks with geomembranes. INOVECO has been a leader on the geosynthetics market for 30 years, providing technical design assistance for the challenges encountered by farmers in their field of activity.

Another branch that our team brought to the exhibition in the foreground is the area of composting plants for organic waste and anaerobic digestion plants. This part is extremely important in the correct management of agricultural waste.

GoreCover semi-permeable membrane technology 

It is the world's most efficient composting technology, with over 150 facilities located in more than 20 countries, treating 10,000 tonnes of organic waste per day, 365 days a year. The technology offers an efficient solution for the sustainable treatment of different types of organic waste in the most varied climatic conditions with very good emission and odour control.

They are versatile and easily scalable installations, forces easy to use all year round. They can process all types of biodegradable waste listed above. It offers the lowest processing cost per ton of waste compared to any other technology currently available on the market. Due to the performance of the semi-permeable membrane, the processing in such installations generates a very low level of emissions (reduction of gaseous emissions of up to 97% compared to composting in open furrows).

Complete solutions for irrigation from the INOVECO portfolio

In the context of climate change and prolonged droughts, INOVECO supports farmers in Romania with a full range of irrigation systems. We are the official distributor for the Romanian market of the Italian group of producers IRRIMEC/ OTECH. They are a reference name and world leader in the field of irrigation equipment.

The irrigation technologies in THE INOVECO portfolio allow significant cost savings, are adapted to any specific conditions, easy to install and have a long service life. Thus, water consumption (drip, microaspersion) is reduced. The superior capitalization of the water is achieved by reducing its losses or associations with other works (fertilization, herbicide, etc.).

Drum and hose systems are among the favourites of Romanian farmers who invest in high-performance irrigation systems. These are mobile systems, on chassis or trolleys, that can be moved along the crops as needed. The main advantages of these systems are ease of operation, a wide range of sizes and the fact that the irrigated land does not require levelling work for the system to move.

The pivot type irrigation system and the linear one are large-scale systems, designed to automate the application of waterings, with high efficiency and uniformity. This compensates the acquisition, use and maintenance costs.

Both the pivotal and linear irrigation systems allow a 95% control of the water applied on the water surface to be watered. Much improved yields are obtained by reducing the labor force by 70%, reducing water consumption by 70% and the consumption of chemicals by 50%.

Drum and hose system
Motor pump, boxpals and agrotextiles

Solutions for storage and nets for agriculture at AgriPlanta-RomAgroTec

Storage is extremely important for the fruits of autumn to fully reward the work of a farmer. Perforated or full, the plastic pallet boxes are made of virgin raw material – a high density polyethylene (HDPE) non-toxic from a food point of view. It guarantees a long service life and increased resistance against chemical agents, frost, heat and UV radiation.

The protective nets for agricultural and commercial use are made of high density polyethylene. It is used in applications such as protection against birds, weeds, tree protection or object protection. The membrane for the protection of straw is made of UV-stabilized polypropylene, waterproof, but air-permeable. It has the role of protection against external thermal factors.


INOVECO is a company founded in 1993 with a varied portfolio of innovative products and services for construction, agriculture and the environment. We are constantly involved in protecting the environment, which is why we use only materials and technologies with low environmental impact and clean installations manufactured in the European Union, whose activity is permanently monitored and certified.

The concern for the quality of the products and services offered by INOVECO is one of the essential values of the company. This is why we have implemented and maintain an integrated management system that meets the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001:2015, SR EN ISO 14001:2015, SR EN ISO/IEC 27001:2018 and SR ISO 45001:2018 standards.

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