Online event sponsored by INOVECO: The ecological sustainability of road transport

International Seminar - Ecological sustainability of road transport

As PLATINUM sponsors of this event together with our partners from GEOBRUGG and TENSAR, INOVECO is pleased to invite you to participate online at the international seminar on the ecological sustainability of road transport.

Between October 20 and 22, this event offers participants the opportunity to share research results, practices and experiences between designers, contractors, researchers, administrators and stakeholders.

The seminar also has a broader objective of investigating and evaluating how road administrations could contribute to improving air quality through specific techniques, real-time assessment of air pollution, the use of air quality sensors at low prices and the implementation of operational mitigation measures.

Organizers of the international seminar on the ecological sustainability of road transport

  • TECHNICAL COMMITTEE OF PIARC 3.4: Environmental sustainability in road infrastructure and transport
  • Romanian National Committee of PIARC
  • Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
  • with the support of the Romanian National Company for Road Infrastructure Management

Topics addressed during the event:

  • Real-time measurement and an assessment of vehicle emissions to help make decisions to improve air quality, taking into account the energy transition
  • Acoustic durability of road pavements in terms of sustainable development and climate change
  • The impact of road transport in wildlife habitats

More details about the event – here.