Compost Caravan – innovative Inoveco concept

In the September editions of the Constructions Journal and of the Romanian Association for Waste Management Magazine, an article about the Compost Caravan was published, an innovative composting concept made by INOVECO S.R.L.

In Romania, the separate collection of biodegradable waste at source is only just beginning. As a result of recent legislative changes in the field of waste, both individuals and legal entities have the possibility and obligation to significantly reduce the amount of waste generated, separating biodegradable waste from recyclable and mixed waste. Organic waste, at the level of each county, can represent 45-60% of the total waste generated. In most cases, they end up in landfills, where they produce methane, a gas 20 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide.

Inoveco S.R.L. has been active in the organic waste treatment market for over 10 years. Our teams of specialists have successfully developed projects with the execution and operation component of industrial composting plants in several cities in Romania: Bucharest, Onesti, Mioveni, Targu Mures, Zalau etc. We have made available to the final operators of composting plants technical assistance teams for training and we have organized conferences at national level to disseminate the information accumulated over the years to the landfill operators, the organic waste generating entities and the educational institutions in the field of environmental protection.

In this spirit, this year we created the concept of compost caravan. Inoveco S.R.L. provides a mobile composting unit equipped with pre- and post-composting equipment, a unit that can reach wherever necessary in Romania, to any organic waste generator that has a minimum amount of organic waste of 120 cubic meters. A team of specialists in the field installs this mobile unit and its accessories and performs a two-day training, providing the local operator with the user manual. The results obtained from the composting process will be sent to the laboratory by the operator for analysis. Even if at this moment, at the legislative level, the technical norms regarding the laboratory analyzes that must be carried out in order to be proved the obtaining of a quality compost have not yet been published with us, we can make available such materials adopted from the legislation of Austria, the most advanced country in Europe in this field.

We are convinced that, by using this innovative tool called THE COMPOST CARAVAN, we can demonstrate in real time, anywhere in the country, that you can get compost from organic waste 365 days / year, that any of us can quickly learn to use an industrial composting plant and that we can minimize the amount of waste generated, turning it into compost, an organic fertilizer so necessary for degraded soil.

The full article is available in the Construction Magazine here.