Drainage geocomposites with minitubes

What are these materials called "drainage geocomposites with minitubs"? What are their uses in the construction industry? What are their advantages? Read on this article prepared by our colleague, ing. Ionel Davidescu, Technical Director of Geosynthetic Materials at Inoveco, to find questions on all the above questions.

For centuries, granular materials have been used to provide the necessary drainage in infrastructure or civil constructions. Historically, drainage systems in engineering projects have been seen in different perspectives, from simple drains to complex drainage systems to generally combat excess water regardless of the cause to which it is due.

The experience of Inoveco and its partner Afitexinov say their word in the design and development of systems with geocomposites for drainage as alternatives to traditional solutions.


The drainage geocomposite with minitubs is achieved by combining three layers of geotextile-interteste and a series of high density polyethylene minitubes perforated at 45 degrees in accordance with 2 axes regularly alternated at 900 that allows the capture of a high flow, even if the slope is equal to zero, discharging water from precipitations in the desired direction much faster than a homogeneous drainage layer.


Compared to a traditional solution, the drainage geocomposite offers the following advantages:

  • Economic (financial advantage in relation to the use of granular materials)
  • Logistics (reduction of execution times and transport volume)
  • Accelerated commissioning (DRAINTUBE very fast compared to a layer of compacted gravel, separated by a geotextile)

The minitube drainage geocomposite offered by AFITEXINOV and provided by INOVECO in Romania offers performance and cost-efficiency by saving execution time, optimizing construction, wear resistance and long service life.


Draintube drainage geocomposite successfully performs the functions of separation, filtration and drainage, essential for improving engineering works.

  • Environmental applications: with a constant long-term drainage capacity, the drainage geocomposite offers solutions for draining water and leachate from landfills.
  • Applications in civil constructions: for draining and removing water pressure from pores from geotechnical structures
  • Applications in the field of buildings: a cost-effective drainage solution and drainage capacity for buildings and sports fields compared to traditional methods


If you want to know more details about drainage geocomposites with minitubes, we invite you to enter our product page and ask for a personalized offer. The Inoveco team is at your disposal for any additional information or details.

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